"Zombie satellites" are technological ruins that continue to emit radio signals from their graveyard orbit. They worked for a while, then broke down, before their signal was rediscovered decades later by amateur radio operators.

Launched for the most part during the Cold War, these devices fed the new information routes, and served as support for intelligence systems, headquarters and warships. They have oriented, photographed, given the time of day or the weather, observed the sun, the aurora borealis and the cosmos. Totems of our civilised lives, these satellites have ceased to function normally, but continue their career following a different logic.   

Hysteria is a work dedicated to the memory of these 31 zombie satellites. As they pass overhead, their history is revealed. It traces the visual and aural memory of these technological ruins that just won't die. In an attempt to understand what these ghosts still have to tell us.

The sounds broadcast are those of the satellites themselves.

Stéfane Perraud & Aram Kebabdjian
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