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  • hysteresia

Several thousand kilometres above the Earth, 31 "zombie" satellites are orbiting. Transit 5B-5, LES 1, Solrad, Secor, Oscar, Isis, Tiros... Most of them were launched at the height of the Cold War to feed the new information channels, to support intelligence systems, staff or scientists. Moved to cemetery orbits, between life and death, they continue to emit a residual signal.

Of what memory are they still messengers? Hysteresia is an open-air sound installation that captures the waves of these technological ruins to reconstruct a history of the sky and communicate with the beyond. This website is an echo of this research.
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Aram Kebabdjian is a doctor of philosophy, author of novels and short stories, and playwright. Winner of the Grand Prix SGDL du Premier Roman (2015), Les Désœuvrés (2015) portrays fictional artists in the contemporary art world. Le Songe d'Anton Sorrus (2017) tells the story of a sound, originally indefinable, which leads its protagonist to the limits of his own rationality. His third novel, L'Hymne à la joie, will be published in 2021.

Stéfane Perraud is a visual artist who lives and works in Paris. For several years now, he has been developing works in which art, science and fiction meet and question each other. In this exploration, he feeds his work with nuclear physics, geography, political romanticism, contemporary and archaic literature, cutting-edge, ancient or lost techniques. His work has been shown at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, the Collège des Bernardins, the Chroniques Biennial in Marseille, the Milan Triennale and Imal in Belgium. He collaborates with directors and choreographers (Trajal Harrell, Eli Commins, Ali Moini) and has performed at MoMa, the Barbican in London, Impulz Tanz in Vienna, the Festival d'Automne in Paris and the Schauspielhaus in Zurich.

Design: Stéfane Perraud and Aram Kebabdjian

Programming: Nicolas Mistretta
Sound programming and mixing: Mathieu Preux
Structure and construction design: Charles-Henry Fertin 
Construction assistance: Sophie Monjaret
Website: Timothée Rolin
Presentation text: Léa Bismuth
Production: Olivia Sappey/bOssa

With the voices of Evelyne Didi, Manon Kneusé, Hortense Monsaingeon, Ninon Roman, Léa Bismuth, 

The artists would like to thank: HappySat, Matthias Bopp, Mike Kenny, Greg Roberts, Alejo Duque, Sara Dufour, Diane Raillard, Irène Guillot, Jean-Michel Guillot, Gregory Diguet, Léna Seux Peysonnel Axelle Berthier, Virginie Frenay, Ewen Chardronnet, Delphine Ravel and Samantha XXX

A work produced as part of the Mondes nouveaux programme of support for artistic creation.
With the support of Château de Goutelas, the [SCAN] Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes fund and Plateforme 10 (Lausanne).